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    4 - dimethyl aminopyridine

    Product name: 4 - dimethyl aminopyridine gauge: 99.5% package shipment: 25 kg/barrels/water




    4 - dimethyl aminopyridine


    Don't name:, N - dimethyl - 4 - pyridine amine;Dimethyl aminopyridine;4 - dimethylamino pyridine;4 - dimethyl aminopyridine;4 - dimethyl ammonium arsenic organism;4 - dimethyl aminopyridine/DMAP;P - dimethyl aminopyridine;4 - dimethyl 4 - aminopyridine DIMETHYLAMINOPYRIDINE

    CAS no. : 1122-58-3 】 

    Molecular formula: C7H10N2

    Molecular weight: 122.17

    Risk categories: 8


    Basic properties:

    Appearance characteristics

    A white crystalline powder

    Melting point

    83-86 °C(lit.)

    Boiling point

    211 °C

    Dense degree of


    The refractive index

    n20/D 1.431

    Flash point

    110 °C

    With the way

    Widely used in chemical synthesis catalyst in organic drug synthesis, pesticides, dyes, food additives, such as synthesis of acylation, hydroformylation, etherification, esterification, etc.4 - dimethyl aminopyridine is widely used in chemical synthesis in recent years a new type of high efficient catalyst, dimethyl amine and its structure for electronic mother ring resonance (pyridine ring), can strongly activated nucleophilic ring of nitrogen atoms to replace, significantly high resistance, low reactivity of alcohol and amine acylation (phosphorus acylation, sulfonyl, carbonyl) reaction, the activity is about 104-6 times of pyridine.In organic synthesis, drug synthesis, pesticide, medicine, dyes, spices, acylation of polymer chemistry, analytical chemistry, alkylation, etherification, esterification and ester exchange, and other types of reactions have higher catalytic ability, to improve the yield is extremely obvious

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